Swampstone Innovators is Per and Olle Myrsten's band.
Here you can read our lyrics and listen to some of our songs.

A Happy Song
A Show for Eternity
Bird Watch
Don't Touch!
Forever Won't Last
Heart and Mind Listen!
Kingston Road
Late Night Thoughts
Leaves in the Wind
Mind the Gap
Princess Listen!
Real or Not
The Golden Song Listen!
The Light Kid
The Passage of Life Listen!
Three Long Years
We Forgot Your Birthday Listen!
Welcome Home Listen!
When I Think of You Listen!
Why Must We? Listen!
With the Head in the Sand Listen!

Please visit our friends Elin Lanto and the grungerock band Shaker from Litslena!

Live in Skolsta May 15 2004
Swampstone Innovators live in Skolsta May 15 2004.